This is the project to find the answer, the answer to the question, "Why do people have a network in their office?"

The answer is, people have a network is to share files. The objective of the EZ-LinuxWorkgroup is to make it eazy for someone to configure five machines in an office and share files. The solution not only make it eazy to set up and use a a Linux Workgroup, but will also provide a solution that is secure and efficient. Here are a couple issues regarding security. I mean that someone can sniff packets across the network and the EZ-LinuxWorkgroup will still maintain authorized access to file shares. Not only that, it will also protect information if someone hijacks a users machine and mask himself of another user on the network or minimize the exploitation a hijacker could take. With respect to effiency, the EZ-LinuxWorkgroup will not bottleneck system performance by making system pass all IO across the network and utilize caching to optimize efficiency when a user demands it from the his file share. In addition, the EZ-LinuxWorkgroup will allow users to eazily browse file shares using common file system commands along withtools such as telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp. The project will utilize time tested protocols and existing technology.


Proposed Tools