Gym Ride

Tue Jan 8, 2002


Start: 36th and T Streets
End: Family Health and Fitness on 5th and J St.
and then back home again. Once again, I made it to the gym.

[brian@laptop gps]$ rideplot --color --brush-width=2 \
    --speed-cutoff=25 < tracklog-20020108 > bikeride-20020108.png
total distance: 10.56km /  6.56mi
maximum speed: 39.84Km/h / 24.75mph
9 points omitted due to speed cutoff

Gym ride again. This time I went down T St where I turned right onto 28th and rode in the northbound direction. While 28th St. has great bike lanes, I got stuck at each intersection waiting for the light to change. I ran most of them after stopping. It really sucks that the streets with the best bike lanes are the slowest. On the way back from the gym, I rode down K St, a potentially great biking area.