Gym Ride

Mon Jan 14, 2002


[brian@laptop gps]$ rideplot --color --brush-width=2 --speed-cutoff=25 \ 
< tracklog-20020114a > /dev/null 

total distance: 10.47km /  6.51mi
maximum speed: 35.79Km/h / 22.24mph
9 points omitted due to speed cutoff

Start: 36th and T Streets
End: Family Health and Fitness on 5th and J St.

and then back home again. On my trip there I took T St. I was able to make it through the lights on T. Problem is that you have to crank pretty hard. I was going about fifteen miles per hour, which is not all that liesurely.

On the way back, I rode P St. I think I'll consider P St. one of the stolen arteries in Downtown. It has the true potential to open downtown because it leads to Stockton Blvd. P St. would be an excellent choice for two way conversion. I think it also goes all the way to Hwy 5. It would definitely offer excellent continuity, because O St is where the bridge is that crosses over into Old Sacramento. I rode the opposite direction of traffic, along the sidewalk.