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Welcome to Coin du PERL. I enjoy cgi programming using PERL, the quiet force behind powerful cgi applications on the web. These are some sample PERL scripts that I created along the way. I also now have a CVS repository of CODE developments. Please enjoy your perusal.

- Brian Lavender

My latest endevours

  1. Developed 1997
    Database Interface - I fixed the problem where if the Msql Database Daemon was down my interface would give an error and fail to respond. The interface cgi now checks to verify the Msql Daemon is running. If it is not, then it will start the Daemon. If it is running then it continues with the rest of the script. My virtual server administration often kills the background daemon process.

    Watch It Work!

    Source Code

  2. Developed 1997
    On the fly map generation. CGI Program redraws map with location marked on it. Region 93, Region 94 Region 04, Region 50.

    Watch It Work!

    Source Code

  3. Developed 1997
    URL path information and forms - Often in CGI programming one needs to include information that needs to be passed to the next activation of a CGI. Since regular HTTP is stateless we need to include this somewhere in the users document. If we include it as data passed after a "?" mark then we are limited from using the GET method on forms. Another solution is using additional path information after the cgi program name. I tested this with OMNI Httpd and Gurusamy PERL 5.004_02 port for Win 95. You are currently viewing this from an SGI running IRIX with APACHE.

    Watch It Work!

    Source Code

  4. Developed 1999
    Site Mapping and Maintenance

    sitetools.tar.gz - the whole kit and kaboodle in a single tar ball

    Index your site
    Insert a banner into every page
    Change the banner you inserted
    Check for bad links - Requires the LWP modules



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